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The Myth of the Midlife Crisis
Wall Street Journal,  Anne Tergesen, 10/13/2014

New Poll: Reality May Bite, But 30-somethings Stay Wildly Optimistic    Washington Post, Brigid Schulte, 10/9/2014

 The Unshakeable Optimism of Thirtysomethings
New York magazine, Robin Henig, 9/5/2014

Back for Good? A Guide to Living with Your Adult Children
The Times of London, Flic Everett, 7/12/2014

On Emerging Adults and Parents
Radio interview, Chicago3Media, 4/10/ 2014

Bright Side of Millennials Moving Home
Chicago Tribune, Heidi Stephens, 3/11/2014

Mistakes Parents Make that Push Grown Children Away
Bottom Line-Personal, Karen Larson (Editor), 12/10/ 2013

Emerging Adults, Ever Optimistic, Can Do Without the Ridicule
Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe, 11/8/2013.

Is Human Development Always Evolutionary?
Invited Post, Huffington Post TED Weekends feature, 11/3/2013

Radio interview, WOR New York city, on transition to work, 10/30/ 2013

Should High School Last Six Years?
New York Times “Room for Debate” feature, 10/29/2013

When Will My Grownup Kid Grow Up?
Television interview, WGN Chicago, 10/9/2013

Communication Gap: To Text or to Call
AARP website, Steve Mencher, 9/20/2013

Seeing Narcissists Everywhere
New York Times, Douglas Quenqua, 8/6/2013

Kids Like Being Kids, Study Finds, Perhaps Due to Parenting
Los Angeles Times, Emily Alpert, 7/26/2013

The Downsized Generation
Readers Digest, Barbara Kantrowitz, 7/1/2013

How Not to Talk to Your Adult child About Money
PBS Next Avenue, Linda Bernstein, 6/20/2013 

11Ways Parents Can Hurt Their Child’s Job Chances
Fiscal Times, Julie Halpert, 6/18/2013

New Ways to Gauge Adulthood
Wall Street Journal, Sue Shellenbarger, 6/18/2013

 Kids Today Take Longer to Grow up
Chicago Tribune,Heather Stevens,  6/13/2013

When Will My Grown-up Kid Grow Up?
Radio interview, the Vipp Jaswal show (national, Fox radio), 6/6/2013

Emerging Adults: Is 30 the New 20?
Television interview, Fox News Live, 6/4/2013

Understanding Emerging Adulthood in Your Grown Child
TV interview, NECN, 5/21/2013

How to Live with a Grown-Up… Kid
Charlotte Observer, Joe Miller, 5/21/2013

Adulthood Delayed: Clark Professor Says the Kids Are All Right
Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Susan Spencer, 5/17/2013

Parents Say They Feel Positive About Young Adult Kids
USA Today, Kim Painter, 5/6/2013

Off to College But Likely Home Again
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Maureen Downey, 4/26/13

What’s the Netflix Password Again, Mom?
The Wall Street Journal, Sue Shellenbarger, 3/13/ 2013

Grown Children May Take Longer to Leave Home, But They’re Not Slackers
New Jersey Courier-Post, Kevin Shelly, 3/11/2013

Lena Dunham’s Girls: The Raw Truth About Twentysomethings
U.S. News and World Report, Rachel Pomerance, 2/25/2013