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Perspectives on Psychological Science
Oh, grow up! Generational grumbling and the new life stage of emerging adulthood. Download this article (pdf).


Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood (A. Furlong, Editor), with Jennifer Tanner
The emergence of  "emerging adulthood': The new life stage between adolescence and young adulthood. Download this article (pdf).


Handbook of Research on Adult Development and Learning, with Jennifer Tanner
Emerging adulthood: Learning and developing during the first stage of adulthood. (M. C. Smith & T. G. Reio, Editors).

American Journal of Psychology
Storm and stress redux. Download this article (pdf).

Human Development, with Gene Brody
A fraught passage: The identity challenges of African American emerging adults. Download this article (pdf).

Chapter in Positive Youth Development and Spirituality
From "worm food" to "infinite bliss": Emerging adults' afterlife beliefs. (R. W. Roeser, R. M. Lerner, & E. Phelps, Editors). Download this article (pdf).


Child Development Perspectives
Emerging Adulthood: What is it, and what is it good for? Download this article (pdf).

Child Development Perspectives
Emerging adulthood, a 21st century theory: A response to Hendry and Kloep. Download this article (pdf).

Handbook of Socialization
Socialization in emerging adulthood: From the family to the wider world, from socialization to self-socialization. (J. Grusec & P. Hastings, Editors). Download this article (pdf).

Current History
The long and leisurely route: Coming of age in Europe today.  Download this article (pdf).

Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Suffering, selfish, slackers? Myth and reality on emerging adults.  Download this article (pdf).


Journal of Youth Studies
The case for emerging adulthood in Europe: A response to Brunner. Download this article (pdf).

Health Education & Behavior
The myth of peer influence in adolescent smoking initiation. Download this article (pdf).


Journal of Drug Issues
The developmental context of substance abuse in emerging adulthood.  Download this chapter (pdf).


New Directions in Child and Adolescent Development
Culture and conceptions of the transition to adulthood.  Download this article (pdf).


Journal of Adolescent Research with Lene Jensen
A congregation of one: Individualized religious beliefs among emerging adults. Download this article (pdf).


Journal of Adult Development
Conceptions of the transition to adulthood: Perspectives from adolescence to midlife.  Download this article (pdf).

Journal of Adult Development, with Katie Ramos and Lene Jensen
Ideological views in emerging adulthood: Balancing the ethics of autonomy and community.  Download this article (pdf).


American Psychologist
Emerging adulthood: A theory of development from the late teens through the twenties.  Download this article (pdf).

Youth & Society
High hopes in a grim world: Emerging adults’ views of their futures and of “Generation X.” Download this article (pdf).

Human Development, 1998
Learning to stand alone: The contemporary American transition to adulthood in cultural and historical context.  Download this article (pdf)

Youth & Society, 1997
Young people's conceptions of the transition to adulthood. Download this article (pdf).


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