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In addition to his main areas of emerging adulthood and tobacco-related issues, Dr. Arnett has written on a wide variety of other topics. Some of his most frequently cited and requested books and chapters are available below. 

Adult Development

American Psychologist, 2020
Rethinking adult development: Introduction to the Special Issue Download (pdf)

American Psychologist, 2020
Established adulthood: A new conception of ages 30-45 Download (pdf)

Journal of Adult Development, 2018
Happily stressed: The complexity of well-being in midlife Download (pdf)

Risk Behavior

Archives of Scientific Psychology, 2018
Getting better all the time: Trends in risk behavior among American adolescents since 1990. American Psychological Association. Download (pdf)

Journal of Drug Issues, 2005
The developmental context of substance abuse in emerging adulthood. Download (pdf)

Injury Prevention, 2002
Developmental sources of crash risk in young drivers. 
Download (pdf)

Current Directions in Psychological Science, 1995
The young and the reckless: Adolescent reckless behavior. 
Download (pdf)

Personality and Individual Differences, 1994
Sensation seeking: A new conceptualization and a new scale.
Download (pdf)

Child Development, 1993
Cultural bases of risk behavior: Danish adolescents. 
Download (pdf)

Developmental Review, 1992
Reckless behavior in adolescence: A developmental perspective.
Download (pdf)

Developmental Review, 1992
Socialization and adolescent reckless behavior: A reply to Jessor. 
Download  (pdf)


Kid stuff: Marketing sex and violence to America's youth, 2003
Music at the edge: Popular music and adolescents' pursuit of the transgressive. 
Download (pdf)

Sexual Teens, Sexual Media, 2002
The sounds of sex: Sex in teens' music and music videos. Download (pdf)

Youth & Society, 1991
Adolescents and heavy metal music: From the mouths of metalheads. Download (pdf)


American Psychologist, 2002
The psychology of globalization. 
Download (pdf)


Development and Experience: A festschrift in honor of Sandra Wood Scarr, 2009
Toward a cultural-developmental stage theory of the life course. (k. McCartney & R. Weinberg, Editors). Download (pdf)

Handbook of Socialization, 2007
Socialization in emerging adulthood: From the family to the wider world, from socialization to self-socialization. (J. Grusec & P. Hastings, Editors). Download (pdf)

Journal of Marriage and Family, 1995
Broad and narrow socialization: The family in the context of a social theory. 
Download (pdf)

G. Stanley Hall

History of Psychology, 2006
G. Stanley Hall's Adolescence: A centennial appraisal: Introduction. Download (pdf)
G. Stanley Hall's Adolescence: Brilliance and nonsense.
Download (pdf)


American Psychologist, 2009
The neglected 95%, a challenge to psychology's philosophy of science. Download (pdf)

American Psychologist, 2008
The neglected 95%: Why American psychology needs to become less American. Download (pdf)

The ones we remember: Scholars reflect on teachers who made a difference (F. Pajares and T. Urdan, Editors), 2008
Passing the torch: The legacy of great teachers. Download (pdf)

American Psychologist, 1999
Adolescent storm and stress. Download (pdf)

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