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2015 Selection of Media Events


                                                                                        Featured Article:        What is it About 20-Somethings?


                                                                                        New York Times, Robin Marantz Henig, 8/18/2010

                                                                                             This question pops up everywhere, underlying concerns
                                                                                             about  “failure to launch” and “boomerang kids.”





what millennials really think about working ╗

Forbes, Kerry Hannon, 9/04/2015

A whopping 80% said it is more important than ever to get education or training beyond high school to find a good job.

20-somethings value college ╗


 Telegram, Scott O'Connell, 8/27/2015

Higher education isn’t just a goal for the vast majority of 20-somethings today – they believe it should also be a right, according to a new poll from Clark University.

millennials realize growing up is hard to do ╗, Kathleen Burke, 8/25/2015

Change can be difficult, but for the millennial generation, the shift from student to working stiff is especially trying.

new clark university poll ╗


Yahoo Finance, A. Steinreich, 8/25/2015

Students are arriving on campuses around the country as another academic year begins. What draws them there and what do they expect from their college educations?

what really motivates workers  ╗


 Harvard Business Review, 8/25/2015

The rise of emerging adulthood does not mean that young people today are defective, only that it takes longer to prepare for the workplace ...


optimistic millennials are hoping ╗


The Street, Chris Metinko, 6/24/2015

Avoiding mistakes may just be part of why so many Millennials are investing...


The terrifying thing that Facebook... ╗


 Herald Times Online, Kent Larson, 6/21/2015

People used to wait for the sound of “You’ve got mail." Nowadays, that’s too passÚ and slow.

how adulthood happens ╗


New York Times, David Brooks, 6/12/2015

Every society has its rites of passage, marking the transition from youth to adulthood.

two new studies debunk ╗


 Philadelphia News and Opinion, Sandy Hingston, 06/11/2015

Millennials will have fewer partners than boomers and Gen X' and half of all 20-somethings aren't getting any. No wonder they're so mad at my...

ten things college students won't tell you ╗


Market Watch, Charles Passy, 6/07/2015

At one time, a college education was more an option than an expectation. But these days, 65% of high school graduates go on to college, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

stuck in the middle ╗


 Urban Health, 5/27/2015

You’re in your forties and you’ve been feeling blue, lately. Are you experiencing a midlife crisis? Here’s where you can find out

if your parents are still paying your bills╗


Bloomberg Business, Akane Otani, 05/21/2015

Young adults are increasingly getting bankrolled by their parents, yet rarely talk about it.

parenting during the 20-something years ╗


 Psych Up (CoSozo radio), Suzanne Phillips, 5/17/2015

In this show, Dr. Jeffrey Arnett and Elizabeth Fishel discuss their book Getting To 30: A Parent's Guide to the 20-Something Years.

64% of millennials are single...╗


  MSN Lifestyle, Russell Sabio, 6/10/2015

You're comparing yourself to all your friends in relationships (all of your friends) thinking that will never be you.


the meaning of maturity ╗, 5/12/2015

A mature 29-year-old has a well-established identity.

why millennials might be having less sex... ╗


 TIME Magazine, Charlotte Alter, 5/8/2015

Today's young people just aren't as interested in notches on the bedpost

the millennials secret to success? ╗


 Huffington Post, 03/26/2015

The young, successful adult who chooses to still sleep in his parents’ basement is instead becoming increasingly more prevalent.

my boomerang kid came home now what? ╗


About Parenting, Sharon Greenthal, 03/26/2015

Boomerang kids are here to stay.

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